Tuesday, October 1, 2013

who am i?

The Nester created the 31 day writing challenge.  I'm looking forward to joining in and pushing to the end of 31 days with a breath of fresh air of creativity. To get my writing flowing, I'm writing 31 Days of Being Me.

who am i?

I started truly loving the art of writing when I was in High School.  My English teacher gave us the assignment of journal writing - using the journal to explore ourselves, and to write.  One of the entries I remember (a good 20 years later ::gasp 20 years!::) is the one that started, who am I?  I am Dorothy, I am a daughter, and a sister.  I'm a student.  Something like that.  Years later, I've written on the same topic, and some of my names are different, but I think I find myself to be the same.  To quote my 7-year old daughter, "I don't think our hearts change."

Hi.  I'm Dorothy.  I love to read; I love to write; I love to make music; I love to learn new things; I love sci-fi.  My life is grounded in God.  Although He is the center of my life, it's hard for me to be freely open about my faith unless I'm in a comfortable setting.  We attend a Messianic Jewish Synagogue, in which we live to the rhythm of the Jewish calendar, follow Jewish traditions, and we also believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  (We use His Hebrew name, Yeshua) 

I turned 36 at the end of August. At the end of this month, I will have been married for 13 years to an amazing man who loves cherishes me, and who loves God as much as I do.  We are the parents to three children, almost 10, almost 8, and almost 5.  All of their birthdays are in November and December.   

My oldest was born with many medical issues and had multiple surgeries during his first year of life.  His struggles are worse than those of most children but better by far than so many.  My younger two children have been healthy and wonderfully just like children are supposed to be.  I love the idea of homeschooling, but we gave public school a shot first, and it works.  My kids all love school, and think I'm crazy if I suggest staying home to learn.  They learn all the time at home, anyhow.

As I write, my kids are at school. I have a ukulele and a bicycle helmet a midst all the paper clutter on the kitchen island, homemade chicken broth bubbling on the stove for dinner, clothes that need to be put in the wash, and the cat just threw up.  So I should probably go attend to that.

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  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I had posted a long comment here but the page told me to sign into WordPress, not giving me any option to sign in though. I came back to this page and lost the comment. This is why I hate the comment option if it doesn't have an option to sign in with name/url, or doesn't have commentluv.

    Anyway, I was saying that I clicked this post and not any other one because the words "Who Am I" attracted me. And, to tell you the truth, you are not Dorothy. Then who are you? Instead of replying in short here, I will reply this question with a post on my blog in the next few days along with a short video. So, stay tuned and do check back.