About Me

I suppose to become a writer, one must write.  The question, I almost wrote quest!  It is a quest to find the words to say that others want to hear.  I've heard other bloggers write that they sometimes don't trust their own voice - what new do they have to say?  I share that doubt.  And yet, I feel compelled to write.  I have always been compelled to write.  Recently, I found a note I wrote to my sophomore High School English Teacher.  I thought then that I would become a writer.  To be a writer, I must write.  And so, I write.

Who am I?  I remember journalling that question in High School.  I defined myself first as me, as daughter, as sister, as friend, as pianist.  I have to go back.  Did I define myself as a Child of God?  That would be my first definition now.  I am a Child of the Most High, and what I do revolves around that.  Yes, I make many (many) mistakes, but even those, I run through the lens of being a Child of God.

I am a wife, a mother of three, child, sister, pianist, kitchen experimenter, worship leader, Messianic Jew, music lover, silence lover, book reader, seed planter.