Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday - She

I found a quick way to get myself writing - using a prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker.  For five minutes, you write on the prompt, and can link up to all the other writers.  So.  Here's my first shot!


She finds that she wants to write about herself in third person.  She is me.  I am she.  When my brother sent me the photo of myself in the bridesmaid dress, I could see more objectively myself.  The dress didn't look as bad in the photo as I thought it did in person.  Seeing the dress on me in a photo brought some distance between myself and my feelings.  I was able to look at myself as if I were "her"  She looks good in the picture.  Oh.  She is me.

She sends her kids outside to play.  It's warm enough to be outside barefoot and without a sweater, but not for long these days.  They argue with her about playing, and it takes time for them to reacclamate with each other.  Soon they will be playing a great game, and she will have to coax them inside for dinner.  

She enjoys this weather, the time when it gets to be warm for mid-winter, but cold for mid-summer.  The leaves are starting to change color in clumps, a tree here, a tree there.  The year has begun.  Why does the new year not start in September?  So many cycles do start in September, it makes so much more sense than in midwinter.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Welcome to the FMF party! Ah yes, seeing ourselves objectively is not always as easy thing....
    Love your post and hope you join the party again next week :-)

  2. I liked what you wrote and am glad you joined the Friday fun linky party. :) You've made me think what season I would choose to start the new year. Hmmm.... good writing leaves an impression on your reader. Good job!

    1. Thanks for the comments! You've all made me feel welcome. As for the start of the new year...Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year, which came early in September this year. It always seems fitting to me that it does. Perhaps I'll write more on that. Thanks for thinking of me.