Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Nester created the 31 day writing challenge.  I'm looking forward to joining in and pushing to the end of 31 days with a breath of fresh air of creativity. To get my writing flowing, I'm writing 31 Days of Being Me.

I realized a few minutes ago how inspired I am by the wonderful people on the internet.  I feel that I've gained friends, sisters, that I've never met, and may never meet.  

Today, I thought about a blogger while I was grocery shopping with my meal plan. (Thinking about Don't Waste the Crumbs today, but so many blogs have talked about this!)

Today, I made pretzels, after learning that my entire family likes them.  We spent $11 at the pretzel shop on the road yesterday. Jessica from Life as Mom, has a great recipe to try.  Which I did.

Today, I'm here, writing, making art.  I also spent the better part of two hours making music, practicing piano, guitar, ukulele, and doing vocal warm-ups.  Thank you, Simple Mom, The Nester, and Chatting at the Sky for inspiring me to make art and pursue it.

Why blog?  For community.  We change each other's lives when we put ourselves out there.  So thank you, I'm inspired.

day nineteen: Shabbat Shalom!
day twenty: Zoo Day
day twenty-one: Memories
day twenty-two: Spelling Words
day twenty-three: Inspired

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