Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not quite the day I intended

The Nester created the 31 day writing challenge.  I'm looking forward to joining in and pushing to the end of 31 days with a breath of fresh air of creativity. To get my writing flowing, I'm writing 31 Days of Being Me.

Today was supposed to be my day to focus and get things done at home.  I had plans for coffee with a friend after dropping off the kids, which went as planned.  After that, I was supposed to accomplish many loads of laundry, organize food for the rest of the week, and so on and so forth.  Home work?

A few minutes after I came home from my coffee, I got a call from the fifth grade teacher.  My oldest, who has a feeding tube, had a leak spring in the formula bag.  (Remember my normal days?)  Daniel turned off his pump, but the bag was leaking all over the place.  Not only did the bag leak, they were at a field trip on a farm on a chilly day.  The poor teacher didn't know what to do.  So.  I had to drive 2o minutes to the Orchards to save my son...my son's teacher, actually!

Then, I had to run some errands, (we needed toilet paper.  desperately.) and give my husband a ride back to work from the car dealership.  With that, I got home in time to make a smoothie for my lunch, grab my music and Naomi's dance bag, some sandwiches for after school snacks, and leave again.

It wasn't quite the day I intended, but it turned out quite nicely anyway.  I discovered that there is still a Walmart in the area with a fabric section!  Yay!  I had some extra time with my husband on our 13th wedding anniversary.  We went to Denny's for dinner.  Since it was Tuesday, the kids ate free.  Eating out forced me to sit with the family instead of putzing around the kitchen before dinner.  

But here I am.  After one of those days, I'm here, pushing forward, doing what I have to do.  What about you?

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