Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday:: Ordinary

I'm linking up again to Lisa-Jo Baker's blog where she hosts a Five Minute Friday Party where she invites other bloggers to write freely for five minutes.  This week, the prompt is ordinary.


Ordinary is slightly different than normal.  Right?  Normal is "the norm", what happens on a regular basis, the status quo, perhaps.  Ordinary is...just ordinary?  Reading at Chatting at the Sky yesterday, Emily discussed "just".  Just ordinary implies that it's not enough, whatever it is.  I have an ordinary life, I'm nothing special.  But yet, my normal is entirely different than yours, so what I think is normal or ordinary may be spectacular to you.

Think about it this way.  The Doctor in Doctor Who has a very different normal.  His normal everyday is time-travelling, fighting aliens and saving the world.  Fans watch him long for the beauty of the ordinary, of the grow old, go to work, things we often consider dull.

Ordinary is beautiful.  There's a beauty in the simplicity.  Yeshua looked toward the ordinary people when he looked for disciples.

and STOP

Funny how when I've been in the habit of writing daily now for ten days, topics link together and merge to make some beautiful connections.  I talked about normal yesterday, and Doctor Who the other day.  My brain doesn't disconnect with other ideas when I am given a prompt to write about.  Rather, it connects the ideas all together in a lovely collage of thought.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Ordinary can be beautiful, can't it? Love your spin on the word. Sometimes maybe we just need to appreciate the ordinary.

    Hopping over from FMF!