Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spelling Words

The Nester created the 31 day writing challenge.  I'm looking forward to joining in and pushing to the end of 31 days with a breath of fresh air of creativity. To get my writing flowing, I'm writing 31 Days of Being Me.

Remember spelling homework in third grade?  Did you love writing sentences or stories with your spelling words?  I did.  I actually sometimes miss it as I watch my daughter enjoy it as much as I did.  So.  Why shouldn't I just go ahead and do it anyhow???  So fiction, here we come:)

The words:
gnarl gnome knee problem cell ever germ gnat gym knit birds cent gel glance gnaw knack knob bounce compute gem

"What's the problem little one?"  I bounce my baby on my knee.  It doesn't ever end.  Everyone needs something just about every other minute.  Not that I don't love it.  I love it.  It's just a little overwhelming sometimes.  A few minutes later, the trouble has passed, and the little one toddles over to the window.  "Bird," she points.  She gnaws on her sleeve as she watches out the window.  I glance at her as I wash the dishes.  She has a knack for breaking all my defenses.  I may get frustrated at all the interruptions, but I suppose it's worth it.  Nah.  I see the gnarl in her hair. It's really worth it.

This age is so sweet.  Everything is an adventure to a two-year old.  My darling little one is such a gem. I actually finish the dishes before another interruption, and I scoop up my little one.  They tell me to appreciate these moments, that they'll be gone before you know it.  The words gel with me, even on the tough days.  I rub my daughter's knit sweater and compute.  In ten years, she'll be twelve, almost a teenager!  And I'll probably look back over the years and miss the stage I worried about germs on the pacifier.

She jumps down to run in the backyard, sneaking up on the garden gnome.  I check my cell for messages.  I pull the knob shut behind us. Off the the gym.  If I'd only get a cent for every time I thought I was going, but didn't make it.  Brushing away the gnats, I sit down on the porch.  The gym will wait.  I'm going to enjoy my baby girl while she's still a baby.

Okay. So the story isn't quite the same as the stories that came out of me in third grade...or High School for that matter.  And it's not quite the story that comes out of my third grader now.

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