Sunday, February 16, 2014

Small Miracles :: my capable 10 year old

I remember the days when it was too hard for me to help my husband with the shoveling. After feeding the kids, cleaning, changing, dressing, diapering, I barely had time to throw the laundry into the dryer before having to make lunch.

But this year is different. Not only can all the kids occupy themselves outdoors while I can help shovel, occasionally, they can help. They can even do it independently! This morning, my oldest went outside to play in the snow before anyone else was dressed. I think the snowballs were calling him. I asked him to do a quick clean of the back walk, which he did.

Now, there's only the evidence of where he's been. My small miracle: a clean walkway, with the sun working on it to melt the rest, without any work on my part.

Look for a small miracle today. I bet you can find one!

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