Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Someone Asks for Change

When you frequent city streets, it's inevitable that someone will ask you for some change. "Do you have change?  I'm hungry.  I haven't eaten today."  Strangely enough, I'm often caught off-guard when someone asks me. And they ask pretty frequently. If you are like me, you generally have about four voices arguing inside your head telling you what to do in this situation. 

The first voice whispers, "Don't look, keep walking.  That person will just be using the money for drugs, or alcohol anyhow.  Keep walking.  If you don't see him, he becomes invisible."

The second voice you hear argues.  "Stop your apathy!  You know what is right and what is wrong!  It's not your responsibility for what they do with the money. It's your job to care for those in need."

The third voice complains, "I don't have cash anyhow.  I only use my credit card or debit card for purchasing in stores, so it's likely I don't have any change at all!"

The fourth voice cries, "Is there a different way?!"
I'm writing today at the Messianic Times.  Click here to read the rest of the article!

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