Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Step at a Time

I am so honored to be able to link to Art of Simple blog.  I've followed Simple Mom for a very long time.  I connected with Tsh when I realized we have daughters about the same age - at that point, they were five.  Reading her stories, I connected with her decisions to live a simple life.  Then, I realized we're the same age.  I thought so highly of the work she's done to create such a blog.  

I got a little jealous.  Before motherhood, I loved to write.  After kids, I found myself not being focused enough to get anything down consistently.  It ate away at me.  How do other mothers do it?  I wondered how I could be more of myself.  I wondered how someone my age with three kids could do it, and I couldn't.  I forgot to give myself grace for the challenging medical things I've had to manage as a mother.  

I listened faithfully, though, and paid attention.  I was there when I saw the day in the life of series, on how Tsh is actually quite a bit like me, and the only way she got things done was to really carve out time -- time which wasn't realistic in my life at that point.  I was there, listening to the podcast, interjecting my thoughts, even though Tsh and her cohost couldn't hear me.  I was there as Tsh and her cohosts discussed the art and business of blogging, and of dreaming.  And making art.  

I was stirred to action.  Then, one day, my youngest went to school all day, and I had the day to myself to dream a little.  I started to write a little, to test the waters.  It feels good and right to be putting my words and ideas out there.   

The thing I love most about Simple Mom, now the Art of Simple, is the encouragement to be who you are.  Living a Messianic Jewish life isn't always easy.  Having faith in Jesus, while walking to the beat of a Jewish drum is different than being either Jewish or Christian.  I want to reach to others and be the type of encouragement for this walk that Tsh has been for me.

I'm working on this crazy dream.  One step at a time!  I'm so inspired by Tsh, that I am ready to follow my own dreams, and take some steps in that direction!

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