Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Perfect (for us) Passover Seder

It seems to me that there is never a perfect Passover, no matter how hard you try. I wonder if God does that on purpose, then we can look for His grace. With my husband being out of town, we decided to have our Seder on Wednesday instead of a first night Seder on Monday. Well, my new curve-ball this week was my dear tired husband came down with a fever on the day we were doing our Seder.

We kept things super small. Looking at the Seder plate, I figured it looked an awful lot like a snacky dinner (crackers, cheese, fruit and veggies!), so that's what we did. We reclined in our recliners and sofa, and had a perfect for us Seder. This ended up being quite a lovely Seder!

How do you keep going despite the curve-balls thrown you? Happy Passover!

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