Friday, April 4, 2014

Shabbat Thought :: Parasha Metzora

Each week in the Synagogue, a different portion of scripture is studied.  The Torah (Old Testament) is broken into portions which are read over the course of a year.  At the end of the year, it starts over again so the Bible is read annually. In the midst of Passover craziness, Shabbat is consistent.

This week's Parasha is Metzora from Leviticus 14:1 - 15:33.

Have you ever taught a child how to use the bathroom? Once you've gotten to a certain age, your rituals are pretty well set that you probably don't even notice they exist. But when you potty train, it's all brand new! If you tell a three or four year old, "go to the bathroom", there's a good chance that he or she will miss part of the ritual. At this stage of life, you have to spell it out: 
1. Pull down your pants. 
2. Use the toilet. 
3. Take toilet paper. Mold into a shape. 
4. Wipe. 
5. Pull up your pants. 
6. Flush. 
7. Wash and dry your hands. 
8. Turn off the lights and leave the door open.
Every. Single. Time. When you forget to remind them, inevitably, they miss something. Now. My children are a little older and the routine is coming together quite nicely. But I still have to remind my kids of part of the routine. "Did you wash your hands? Turn off the lights?"

That's how I feel when I read today's Parasha. It feels like more in the list of rules. I suppose it really is. Last week the priests were told how to identify skin disease. This week, they're told how to handle cleansing. ::yawn:: We don't live in that world, and we don't really have leprosy to deal with. It's hard to find a connection.

Can you imagine, though, having to deal with such things without directions? It's like me telling a two-year old to use the bathroom. Can you imagine the mess? (I can. I've cleaned that sort of thing up before, you?) So even though I can't really connect to this Parasha, I see the point. Once again, I'm thankful for how much God cared to show His people Israel His way to do things.

Did you get a chance to read how Michelle Schiffman prepares for Passover? Check it out here. Shabbat Shalom!

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