Sunday, June 29, 2014

On Heart Surgery

This is going to be quite a week for us. Once again, we are headed to the hospital with Daniel for a procedure.

Daniel was born with a number of disorders. He had surgery on his esophagus immediately after birth, lived in NBSCU (NewBorn Special Care Unit) for 5 weeks, and had open heart surgery at the age of three months. After his heart surgery, the cardiologists told us that eventually, maybe when he was as old as 5, maybe older, he would need future surgery.

So the future is here. Daniel needs surgery this summer to replace his valve.

The heart condition he was born with is called Tetralogy of Fallot. Cincinnati Children's Hospital has a nice explanation of the heart defect here.

Yale New Haven children's hospital has an incredible pediatric cardiology department. They have actually been on the cutting edge of new ideas and procedures. Instead of replacing the valve with open heart surgery, the doctors are reasonably certain it can be done via catheter. The valve is called a melody valve, click here for more info. There's a really nice animation which is essentially the explanation the doctor gave me during the pre-op appointment.

Recovery should be super quick. One night overnight in the hospital, then only a week or so of recovery. Open heart surgery generally would require a week or so in the hospital, and longer recovery.

Prayers are welcome. Prayer has kept Daniel through all his medical struggles since birth. Thanks for reading. I'll try to keep things up to date as the week goes by. Our appointment is for early morning July 3. Daniel should be home July 4. Then, he'll have the summer to be a kid.

May it be so!

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