Friday, June 27, 2014

Real Life Shabbat - Picnic on the Green

What constitutes a perfect Shabbat? 

There are many opinions as to what elements are important for an Erev Shabbat dinner. Different forms of Judaism call for different levels of ritual and routine for the dinner. Having a set table, complete with candle-lighting and prayers is beautiful, and is my goal for a normal week. Some Friday nights call for something a little different, and I'm not opposed to messing with routine a smidgen.

Last Friday, we took our Shabbat dinner and picnicked. There have been dinnertime concerts on our Green all week, and we love sitting outside, eating, and listening to good music.

What was in my dinner bag? 

  • Fresh challah that I cut before bringing. It was still warm.
  • Pieces of butter that I'd frozen in an ice cube tray. I put them in a thermos to keep cool. They were still frozen when we tried using them!!
  • Baked sweet potatoes (my 8-year old daughter ate 3!)
  • Tomato/cucumber salad
  • Bucket of Fried Chicken from KFC. 
I used paper plates and plastic silverware. We thanked God for our food, and enjoyed the evening.

What makes the perfect Shabbat evening? Rest. And a Picnic Shabbat dinner can certainly be restful and peaceful!

Shabbat Shalom, friends!

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