Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tuesday unwrapped

on being content

Sometimes people talk about being content and settled with life.  I have not settled for my life, and therefore, I am content.  In fact, my friend Rachel talked about this fact in her blog recently.  It is common to not be happy, to be striving for something else.  But even as I strive for the next thing, I can appreciate what I have.

Life is good.  God is good.  For so much of my life, I have thought about the Tomorrow.  What happens when.  When I go to college. When I get married.  When I have children.  When the kids go to school.  When looms ahead of us, and trying to catch up to when is as fruitless as trying to catch the wind.

These days I've been able to breathe a little, look around me and allow the Whens to blow away on the wind...like a released balloon.  There are miracles around me everyday, and I am privileged to see them.  It's just choosing to notice the miracles instead of the craziness that surround them.

  • My youngest walking to school, reading a book.  Yes.  I held on to him the entire time.
  • My kid's peas are growing tall and strong.  The rest of my garden?  Not planted.
  • A little silence to hear the clock ticking.  

Yeah.  Just another instance of noticing those fingerprints in the dust.

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