Tuesday, June 4, 2013

tuesday unwrapped

One of my favorite bloggers blogs at Chatting at the Sky.  I have been so inspired by her writing about art, and about courage.  I'd have to say that because of her encouragement, I'm trying this.  One of the things my friend (this is what happens when you read a blogger faithfully, she becomes your friend...) Emily has done in the past is tuesday unwrapped series where she writes things she is thankful for.  I'm jumping on that bandwagon to see where it goes.

As I walk through my day, there is so much mess laying around. Three little kids, a house to keep, days to organize - things can get out of hand sometimes. It's the little things that can stop me in my tracks.  Some things make me think a bit. My babies are growing up 5, 3, and infant have grown into 9, 7, and 4. The little things that we used to need, my kids don't need anymore. We're growing out of sippy cups, diapers and baby toys. I'm thankful for my family, for my husband and children. I'm thankful for the toys we've outgrown and how healthy my children have been.

Fingerprints in the dust and footprints in the sand are trails, tracks - forensic evidence of things that have been.  As I examine the trail, I can see the miracles that are with us in the evening, in the roaring and in the afternoon.  We all leave a trail, too.  It makes me wonder what kind of fingerprints I leave behind me.

I love Jewish liturgy.  For me, the ancient words speak to my heart the way an old Bach fugue can.  Even if I've played the piece a hundred times and have it memorized, I can find new meaning in it. One of my favorite passages from Jewish liturgy is from the Amidah:

"We greatfully thank you for you are our God....for your miracles that are with us in the evening, in the morning, and in the afternoon."

Big miracles. Small miracles. We are constantly surrounded by miracles.  What miracle do you see today?

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