Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Musing about this Blog

As I think about writing in this space, I constantly wonder what my focus should be. There are so many things that interest me, so many things I could write about. It has just about always been a challenge for me to choose between things that I love doing and that I am good at doing. In this space, I am now declaring it a place where I do not have to choose.

I may write about my family, my music, my faith, the medical challenges I have encountered. All of these things are part of me. In all of these things, I can find miracles - large and small.

I am reminded of my first 31 day writing challenge. I wrote 31 Days of Being Me. I rambled about this and that - the things that happened in my life. I will probably continue with that train of thought, perhaps with less rambling.

So don't be surprised to see posts about all sorts of different things. Life as a mom of a child with a g-tube, perhaps. Or, From Behind the Piano. Or How to get ready for Passover. Maybe even [insert number] Reasons I love Dr. Who.

Thanks for coming around. And Yay for warm-er weather!!!

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