Thursday, January 23, 2014

Refining my description

I just spend a while writing the description for this blog for the search engines.  I had a blurb that was short, but clearly not short enough.  I had to get my thoughts down to 150 characters, including spaces.  Fine.  I've had training.

The courses I took in college were heavy on writing, which is good, because I love to write.  In my first Honor College writing course, the assignment was to write a ten sentence summary after each class.  At first we thought it was a pointless exercise.  The professors tore our writing apart, criticizing our grammar and sentence construction.  By mid-semester, however, we were able to write concise 10-sentence class summaries.  I felt these skills take over as I tried to cram my thoughts into 150 characters or less.

I started with:, looking for the little ways God touches our lives.  Sometimes it's just by being a mom, wife, or a musician.  The right recipe or craft just might show the fingerprints of God.  Other times a piece of liturgy may ring true as the footprints in the sand.  Can you find them?  The miracles are with us in the evening, the morning, and in the afternoon, you just have to pay attention.
Not bad, in my opinion.  But.  Not short enough.  After a great deal of fuss, I ended up with:
paying attention to the fingerprints and footprints of God, the miracles that are with us in the evening, the morning, and in the afternoon
I love it!  What do you think?

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