Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Passover Lunch Box Ideas

I have been fascinated with bento lunch box ideas for a while. At that point I invested in these ziploc containers for my kids' lunches. Using those resources, it wasn't very hard to organize some lunches for my children to take to school for Passover.

Three lunch box ideas for Passover:

Box 1: Clementine, hardboiled egg, cheese stick, matzah, broccoli
Box 2: Raisins, broccoli, sun butter on matzah, cheese stick, maccaroon, and Matzah crack
Box 3: Matzah pizza: Matzah split into fourths, tomato sauce to spread, mozzerella cheese, broccoli, maccaroon, and Matzah crack

I made matza crack yesterday after finding it on the Kosher on the Budget website. It's actually a link to Smitten Kitchen. I think it is so called because it is just as adictive: Matzah Crack(er).

What are your favorite Passover Lunch Box treats?


  1. Like these ideas! I just put some matzah in my husbands lunch today for our last day of celebrating the Feast of Unleavened bread! We've enjoyed studying about this and trying to do what Jesus did through trying it ourselves. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you found the information on how to celebrate Passover helpful. It is amazing how creative you can get during the Passover season with food. Please visit again!